4 Perfect Decorative Crosses to Celebrate Love

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Celtic crosses make for great gifts and many are filled with symbols of love. Whether you are looking to get a gift for your significant other or a gift for a loved one who is celebrating a new marriage or anniversary, a Celtic cross is a perfect choice. Learn more about these four decorative crosses that celebrate love and order yours online, handcrafted by McHarp: Crosses with Meaning.

A replica cast of the Celtic Lisdoonvarna Cross.

Lisdoonvarna Cross

This cross comes from the beautiful Irish city of Lisdoonvarna. The city was established in Victorian times as a health resort, relying on the natural mineral-rich waters that flowed. In modern times, the town is known for its matchmaking season in which wealthy families would meet in Lisdoonvarna and arrange suitable marriages for their children. The two entwined wedding rings featured at the center of the cross are a direct symbol of the town’s legacy.

A cast of the Kilmallock Priory Cross, or The Wedding Cross.

Kilmallock Priory Cross

Originally found in Limerick, the Kilmallock Priory cross is often considered to be “The Wedding Cross”. Similar to the Lisdoonvarna cross, this cross also features two entwined wedding rings in the center and also features floral designs on the bottom of the cross. The symbolism and overall graceful design of the Kilmallock Priory cross have helped it become synonymous with holy matrimony.

Replica cast of the Celtic Ballyshannon cross that symbolizes love.

Ballyshannon Cross

Unlike the other Celtic crosses mentioned thus far, the Ballyshannon cross does not feature entwined wedding rings. Instead, the focal point of this gorgeous, decorative cross is a heart, backlit by the lights of heaven. This cross also features spring floral elements on each side of the cross and a circular pattern behind the entire design. The Ballyshannon cross makes a great gift for your significant other or for a young couple celebrating an anniversary.

A cast of the Ballinrobe Celtic cross.

Ballinrobe Cross

Finally, the Ballinrobe is the final cross that McHarp: Crosses with Meaning offers that represents love. This Celtic cross features the entwined wedding rings and a decorative lily pattern on the sides of the cross, which signifies the purity of the heart. The cross originates from County May, near a famous lake landmark, Lough Mask.

McHarp: Crosses with Meaning offers a variety of Celtic decorative crosses that replicate the original works of art. We have plenty of crosses that signify love, so be sure to pick one up for your significant other or for a couple as a gift. Additionally, we also offer decorative crosses from other parts of the world — check out the rest of our unique hand-casted crosses and order your handcrafted gifts from McHarp today.

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