Arianrhod Mandala

$46.00 USD

Mandalas are powerful symbols of the universe, as we humankind, perceive it. They have a two-dimensional nature: the earthly and cosmic realms. This dual nature of the universe is a common aspect of cultures throughout the world. To the Celts this represented the ascent and descent of the soul on the Golden Wheel of Life. The outer, the earthly is a pathway leading to the center, the cosmic, the intricate construction of the universe, representing ancestral wisdom and a connection, or divine union with, the universal creator. A well-known example of this pathway or journey is the Quest for the Holy Grail.

Arianrhod was a mysterious Celtic goddess who symbolized prophecy and dreams. Her pathway had no beginning or end. This meditative quest provides a glimpse of both the past and the future allowing access to the whirlpool of creation, but must be followed with an open heart and mind.

Dimensions: 9" diameter

Due to the hand casting and proprietary staining process, each of my plaques is unique. Each cross comes with a hanger embedded in the stone. The cross comes with a descriptive tag describing the original stone, explanation of the design or information on where the cross is located.

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