Concepcion Mission

$33.00 USD

This handsome stone church was dedicated in 1755, and appears very much as it did over two centuries ago. It stands proudly as the oldest unrestored stone church in America. This mission was named in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Juan de Acuña, the Marqués de Casafuerte. The Marqués was Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico) in 1731. This handsome stone church took about 20 years to build. The integrity of the church and convento roofs at Mission Concepción prevented the deterioration of many fine examples of frescos. Mission Concepción is an excellent example of Spanish Colonial architecture. Intricate Renaissance and Moorish details complement Romanesque forms and gothic arches. It is a cross-shaped building of limestone. The roof is vaulted with a dome, with which recent research is suggesting a deliberate placement of windows to illuminate the two side altars on specific feast days. Colorful Moorish designs mix with images showing both Native American and Spanish Catholic influences.

Approximately 5" x 6"


Due to the hand casting and proprietary staining process, each of my plaques is unique. Each cross comes with a hanger embedded in the stone. The cross comes with a descriptive tag describing the original stone, explanation of the design or information on where the cross is located.

Handmade products – Images may vary slightly from actual products.

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