St. Giles Cross - 208

St. Giles Cross - 208

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This cross is from the Emblem of the Brotherhood of the Sacred Heath. The Brotherhood of the Sacred Heart is associated with St. Giles. As a hermit Giles first lived in solitude near the mouth of the Rhone and the River Gard. Fame of his sanctity drew many people to him, so he withdrew to a dense forest near Nimes where in the greatest solitude he spent many years, a deer his sole companion. His hermitage was finally discovered by the hunters of king Wamba, who had pursued the hind to its place of refuge. An arrow shot at the deer wounded the saint instead, who afterwards became a patron of cripples. Wamba developed a high esteem for the hermit, St. Giles rejected all honors, however he did accept some disciples and the king built a monastery in the secluded valley, Saint-Gilles-du-Gard, for them. Giles died in the early part of the eighth century.

From: Bamberg, Germany

Dimensions: 5 ¼” x 5”


Due to the hand casting and proprietary staining process, each of my plaques is unique. Each cross comes with a hanger embedded in the stone. The cross comes with a descriptive tag describing the original stone, explanation of the design or information on where the cross is located.

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