St. Ninian Cross - 162

St. Ninian Cross - 162

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St. Ninian, a British bishop who lived in the early 5th century, is credited with the conversion of the Southern Picts of Scotland. The earliest known church built by St. Ninian was a Withorn, or the "shining place". A poem written by a monk at Withorn in the late 8th century tells how Nynia was appointed to lead "companies of people to the golden-glowing constellations in the starry sky." This cross design is formed by straight-line knotwork (a symbol of eternal life) surrounded by a radiant circle (the sun symbol).

 From: Galloway, Scotland

Due to the hand casting and proprietary staining process, each of my plaques is unique. Each cross comes with a hanger embedded in the stone. The cross comes with a descriptive tag describing the original stone, explanation of the design or information on where the cross is located.

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